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Basic Rules for Gym Etiquette

The gym is a vulnerable space and we want to uphold a welcoming and inclusive environment for all! Below are a few reminders of ways to make the gym a safe space for all to enjoy.

- Dress the part: Wear gym shoes. Platforms and heels can be dangerous and ruin the gym equipment and floors. Consider your clothing and opt for items that fit well and won’t get caught on equipment, keeps sweat at bay, and is not offensive to others.

- Clean up after yourself: Put weights and equipment back where you found it. Wipe sweat off the machines.

- Don’t be a hoarder: Be mindful of the equipment you are claiming for supersets during peak times. Share space and allow for others to “work in” while you are resting or in between sets.

- Don’t talk on the phone: For your own privacy and out of respect for your peers, please take conversations outside the gym.

- Keep tunes & media to yourself: We play music in the gym for everyone, but you are welcome to play music or watch shows through your headphones or AirPods.

- Don’t offer unsolicited advice: Even with the best intentions, we don’t want to embarrass anyone by singling them out. But feel free to tell someone to keep up the great work!

- Be aware of dropping weights: Let’s face it… people are walking through the door and constantly moving within the gym as they complete their workout routine. Dropping weights is dangerous and if this must be done, you need to do it carefully.


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