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3 Important muscles to train so you can lower your risk of ACL injury


In the early stages of training, we start our athletes off by completing isometric hamstring exercises. After a week or two we progress to eccentric hamstring exercises, and eventually move our way into concentric work. Check out one of our top hamstring exercises which can be done either isometrically, eccentrically or concentrically.


(Vastus Medialis Oblique)

The VMO is the golf ball shape muscle located on the inside of each knee. This is a part of your quad muscle group. The VMO helps to prevent the knee from Valgus Collapsing. It’s extremely important to develop this muscle in a preventative program. Take a look at our favorite VMO exercise set:


Your abductor muscles include three different muscles: the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and tensor fasciae latae (TFL). Not only do they move the leg away from the body, but they also help rotate the leg at the hip joint. Abductors are necessary for staying stable when walking or standing on one leg.


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